Moridi wins second straight term

For the second straight term, Liberal incumbent Reza Moridi won the riding of Richmond Hill.

Moridi received 18,040 of 38,393 total votes to win the riding, according to The second most votes went to Progressive Conservative candidate Vic Gupta with 13,732 votes. NDP candidate Adam DeVita received 4,957 votes while Green Party candidate Brian Chamberlain received 1,268.

Photo by Salam Toronto

“From tomorrow on, our Premier, the Hon. Dalton McGuinty, and all of us will continue building this province,” Moridi said in his victory speech. “We have a lot of work to do ladies and gentlemen.”

“Get ready, starting tomorrow morning, for the best quality of life in this province and the Town of Richmond Hill for the next four years,” he said. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Hundreds gathered at Shiraz restaurant in Richmond Hill for Moridi’s victory party. The Iranian-Canadian community was alongside several of Moridi’s political supporters including Richmond Hill councilor Godwin Chan, councilor Vito Spatafora, and former MP Bryon Wilfert.

“The first time I won, people didn’t know me very well,” Moridi told Salam Toronto. “This second time, they got to know me. The second time shows they have the confidence in me and it feels very good.”

“I look forward to continue to further improving health care, education and also transit in Richmond Hill,” Moridi said. “I want to thank the Iranian community who helped me significantly in this election. They came out and supported me all along in my journey through politics.”

President of Richmond Hill’s provincial riding association, David Farmani said the victory has put Richmond Hill on the map.

“He has been able to demonstrate that he can gather support from not only his community but also the Chinese, Russians and all over,” said Farmani. “He’s been able to listen and take their message to parliament. Voters are very smart. They see who’s doing the work and that’s why they’ve given him another four years.”

Moridi’s campaign manager, Eric McGoey, said it was a tough campaign to win, especially when critics were betting on the Progressive Conservatives.

“People said it was over, and that the Tories were going to win the 905,” said McGoey.  “Normally, you have to push your candidates. You don’t have to do that with Reza. He was always ready to get up early, go to the GO stations, go to the coffee shops, shake hands, talk to people and he’s sincere. He cares about his community and people can tell. That’s why we’ve been successful.”

Volunteers Carol Lundy and Shahrzad Azimi both said the win is a result of the hard work Moridi has put towards his campaign.

“We all worked very hard,” said Lundy. “I’m just ecstatic.”

“I’m very happy as an Iranian,” said Azimi. “He’s done so much for Richmond Hill. Not just for Persians. He listens to everyone, regardless of their ethnicity.”

President of the Iranian Canadian Congress, Benhnam Esfahanizadeh, said the win is especially sweet for Iranian-Canadians and projects Moridi to be a main player in McGuinty’s caucus.

“This win means we will have an Iranian minister in the near future in Ontario,” said Esfahanizadeh. “I can guarantee it. Iranians deserve more and we should have a minister as an Iranian in at least immigration or education.”

The Liberal Party won 53 seats in total, just shy of a majority government. The PC party will have 37 seats while the NDP will have 17. The Green Party failed to win a seat. The Liberal Party lost seats at the expense of ones gained by the NDP and Conservatives. The Tories added 17 seats from before parliament was dissolved while the NDP added seven.

Leaders of all three major parties were re-elected in their ridings: Liberal Dalton McGuinty (Ottawa South), PC Leader Tim Hudak (Niagara-West Glanbrook) and NDP Leader Andrea Horwath (Hamilton Centre).

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