Re-elected Dr. Moridi gives post-election thoughts

With the glow of last week’s Liberal provincial election victory still basking, Dr. Reza Moridi stated with business-like focus that “there is a lot of work to be done.” Moridi surely would be forgiven for enjoying – for one night at least – the victory, as he has managed to increase the margin of victory from his first election campaign in 2007 despite challenges from the Conservative Party.

Photo by Salam Toronto

This week, speaking to Salam Toronto via phone, the scientist-by-trade Richmond Hill MPP attributed to his and his party’s victory to a strong platform on healthcare and public transportation.
“I think our campaign resonated with the residents of Richmond Hill, especially the plan to expand on the new campus of York Central Hospital and the overall improvement on the delivery of healthcare,” says Moridi.
The re-elected MPP also notes the strong support from not only the Iranian community, but other ethnic minority groups.
“Voters came from every community, of course Richmond Hill is the second most diverse community in Canada after Toronto,” he says. “You know, over the last four years I’ve established close connections and relationships with every community; the Russian, Jewish, South Asian, Muslim, Filipino, Italian, British, Chinese, and of course the Iranian community, you just name it.”
Even prior to the election, Moridi had a good sense of his support base by working with his own team of volunteers.
“My campaign alone had over 300 volunteers that helped us, and among these volunteers you had people from all sorts of communties,” Moridi adds. “Of course the bulk came from the Iranian community, but really all communities were represented.”
Looking ahead now, Dr. Moridi is eager to work with his constituents in Richmond Hill, and focused on continuing the good work he believes the Liberals have exemplified so far.
“We have to make sure that this hospital project continues for York Central Hospital, also the expansion of YCH phase two. In the area of environmental issues we need to protect sensitive land, thats something I will be focussing on these next four years.”

He also plans on continuing work on expanding GO Transit routes, platforms and parking spaces significantly, leading up to the implementation of all-day GO train service on all routes. The addition of VIVA-only bus lanes is also in the works.

“This is an exciting time to be in Ontario and in Richmond Hill, and I look forward to making futher improvements in our overall quality of life,” Dr. Moridi concludes.

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