What Jason Kenney has in store for Canada

Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism shared a series of new information about the all new Super Visa program with ethnic media this week. Salam Toronto managed to participate in both a teleconference and a Brampton meeting with Mr. Kenney to raise some questions in this regard.

Those who have experienced the process of bringing a loved one to Canada are well aware of how long and exhausting this process can be, often taking up to 6 or 7 years from the application date until entry day. As reported by some news outlets, in the past, this process has sometimes taken so long that by the time the application was approved, the applicants had already passed due to natural causes.

Mr. Kenney’s Super Visa program, as it’s been reported, will ease up the process tremendously. It will be issued in less than 8 weeks time. This is an incredible step forward to help those parents or grandparents who have always wanted to travel to Canada to visit their kids or grandchildren finally reach their goal. The Super Visa allows the approved applicant a maximum stay of 2 years in the country, and is valid to be used within 10 years.

During the talks, Mr. Kenney also mentioned that he plans to maintain Canada’s immigrant acceptance rate constant, or perhaps even increase it. He believes Canada’s economy, unlike Europe, is going strong and accepting new immigrants should continue on its current path if not increased.

Last but not least, Mr. Kenney emphasized the need for professional work force inCanada’s western provinces, such as Alberta and Saskatchewan. So if you are currently an unemployed professional-degree holder, don’t miss the opportunity.

More details about the teleconference and the meeting with ethnic media can be found here.

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