A closed society, an open society

We received a tremendous response from the Iranian-Canadian community for publishing the news story on Ontario’s Sunshine list last week. Ontario’s government releases an updated version of this list annually. The purpose of the list is to release the names of those who make more than $100,000 in the public sector of the province.

There are various ways to look at the results. For the Iranian-Canadian community, which is comprised of a growing number of new comers and youth, having such a significant presence is a sign of hope and strength. Having so many Iranian names on the list demonstrates the strength and the presence of the Iranian-Canadian community within the main stream community. Those younger individuals can also get a gilmpse into their own future, should they choose to pursue the professions of others on the list. They’ll  at least have an idea of the incomes that await them. So why not keep it an open society?

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