A letter to TD bank managers

TD Bank Managers, Corporate Communications:
Mr. Mohammad Nakhooda,
Mr. Stephen Hewitt,
Ms. Nancy Vye,
Ms. Barbara Timmins
Mohammad, Your statements in your interview with “BBC Persian”are totally incorrect and unacceptable.
TD Bank did not contact us and did not ask for any clarification before closing my accounts.

As a matter of fact there is NOYHING to be clarified. I live and work in Canada almost 20 years and I did not have ANY banking relation with IRAN even once. This is nothing except discrimination. The next day I got your letter, I opened all my accounts with another Bank.
However I hope Canadian – Iranians would not forget this TD Bank’s behavior.
Here are the links of your interview:

Mansoor Bagherizadeh
P. Eng. P.GSC.

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