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From the top: Ramin Jahanbigloo, Ali Ehsassi and Kaveh Shahrooz

From the top: Ramin Jahanbigloo, Ali Ehsassi and Kaveh Shahrooz

Iran and Iranian-Canadians have been the topic of many news stories in recent days here in Canada. Ramin Jahanbigloo, Ali Ehsassi and Kaveh Shahrooz, three active members of the Iranian-Canadian commu

nity attended a meeting with the senate in Ottawa last Wednesday May 9th, to discuss and answer many important questions raised. In other news, on May 14th, several members of parliament voice their views over the same topic at a debate held at parliament. Furthermore, the closure of Canada’s embassy in Tehran, causing the transfer of visa cases to Turkey has been a hot topic in numerous Canadian newspapers, from the Globe and Mail to BC based ‘The Province.’

The number of issues involving Iran seems to be consistently on the rise, but what’s good to recognize is that Iranians are similarly increasing their engagement with MPs, MPPs, senators and the media, voicing their concerns in more detail and with more responsibility than ever before. The Canadian democracy is felt quite frankly by just about all of the community here and Iranians, like every other community benefit from and contribute to it. The right of having free speech is not just a slogan here in Canada, it’s in fact attributes like such that place Canada among the greatest countries to live in. Cherish this freedom, cherish this democracy, practice it, respect it and continue to contribute to it.

We’d love to hear your concerns and comments, so voice them. But of course, don’t forget to maintain the respect and responsibility that goes with the process. 

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