Feeling for two generations

As younger individuals take on important roles in the Iranian-Canadian community, the end results are also getting better. Hand over the tasks to younger people. Take on the role of supervising them instead. Give them support, both financially and mentally. Definitely financially. But of course, show them that you want them to take charge.

The experience of us immigrants in Canada has certainly been extraordinary and one to remember. This experience has proven to us time and time again that younger people do it better. Whether it’d be shows, conferences, concerts or festivals, they do the job right. They get over hurdles at a much faster rate, eliminate problems and deliver quality end results.

There was a time when the Iranian-Canadian community organized only a handful of programs through out the entire year. But now, things are changing, as nearly everyday something new is unfolding in the community. Now we have a handful of programs to attend nearly every weekend. What’s awesome about these events is that they’re often organized fully or in part by young Iranians. Their events have more to offer us. The reasons are quite clear too, it’s not surprising. After all, we, as their elders have spent most of our lives back in Iran. That’s where we grew up, and that’s the system we were developed in. God only knows the amount of challenges many of us have had to face over the years. The tremendous pressures and huge losses many have had to endure. The corruptions and lack of an organized governing system many of us have had to over come. It’s only natural that we can’t keep up with our youth here and now in Canada.

What we have achieved however is a wealth of information and experiences, which we can now transfer to our youth. The key is to couple their energy and motivation with the wisdom of the older generation. That way, we’ll be seeing brighter and happier days sooner rather than later. 

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