QUEEN’S PARK – In the past nine years, the McGuinty Liberals have failed to implement action-oriented policies that would actually encourage job creation. Instead, they continue to drive away investments and businesses through reckless overspending and managerial incompetence, Ontario PC Finance Critic Peter Shurman said this week.

“The McGuinty Liberals’ solution to their made-in-Ontario jobs and debt crisis is to throw up more barriers to job creation,” Shurman stated. “In the last budget, they cancelled job-creating tax cuts for businesses, decided to further tax personal income, and then decided to set up yet another blue-ribbon panel to study Ontario’s chronic unemployment problem.”

Shurman referred to the latest panel McGuinty has set up to provide advice, the Jobs and Prosperity Council, chaired by Gordon Nixon, President and CEO of the Bank of Canada. “Given that the McGuinty Liberals refused to implement former TD Bank economist Don Drummond’s recommendations, it’s clear what they’ll do next. If they don’t hear what they like, they’ll stick their heads in the sand and refuse to take action.”

With over half a million men and women now stranded in search of work, there’s no time to waste, Shurman stated. Since 2003, Ontario has been losing manufacturing jobs rapidly, with the current job loss in the sector totalling 300,000. Meanwhile, government jobs in Ontario have grown by 300,000.

“Under the McGuinty Liberals, the government employee wage bill has ballooned by 50 per cent, with taxpayers picking up the tab of $60 billion a year,” Shurman said. “Due to the government’s reckless overspending and record-high deficits, the province’s credit ratings have been lowered – yet another Liberal boondoggle that will hit taxpayers hard in the pocketbook.”

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