More effective treatment for gonorrhea now available

York Region sexual health clinics offer confidential testing and treatment

Over the past 10 years, gonorrhea rates have increased regionally and provincially and a strain of gonorrhea has recently shown resistance to some medications. The good news is a new, more effective treatment option for a resistant strain of gonorrhea is now available. The Regional Municipality of York reminds residents to get tested and treated for gonorrhea.

In 2012, 201 cases of gonorrhea were reported in York Region, with some of the highest rates of gonorrhea in youth 15 to 24 years of age. Confidential sexually-transmitted infection (STI) testing and treatment is available at York Region’s six sexual health clinics. Testing for gonorrhea is easy and painless; all you need to provide is a urine sample.

Gonorrhea is a common STI. Most people infected have no symptoms and do not know they are infected, however gonorrhea can still be transmitted from person-to-person even without symptoms. If symptoms do appear, it is usually between two to seven days after exposure.

Symptoms vary between males and females and include:

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