Expanding Life-Saving Care for Stroke Victims

Ontario Using Technology to Improve Patient Care and Value for Health Dollars

Stroke victims across Ontario can now benefit from life-saving, emergency care through eHealth Ontario’s Emergency Neuro Image Transfer System.

Through a partnership between the Ontario Telemedicine Network and eHealth Ontario, the Emergency Neuro Image Transfer System — currently used for head trauma victims — is expanding to provide 24/7 access to expert care for stroke patients.

Doctors in acute care hospitals across the province, regardless of size or location, now have the capability to hold virtual consultations and get expert advice from the Ontario Telemedicine Network’s neuro-specialists. The system allows them to electronically share brain images, such as MRIs and CT scans, to determine the best course of treatment.

This enhancement will help doctors make faster diagnosis, such as determining whether a patient is a candidate for the clot-busting drug t-PA, which is effective if administered shortly after a stroke. It will also help physicians determine if patient transfers to specialized urban hospitals are necessary, which will help to get better value for health dollars.

Ontario’s Emergency Neuro Image Transfer System has been used since 2009 for head trauma victims, and has already proven to help provide more accurate and faster patient care.

Today, two out of three Ontarians are covered by an Electronic Health Record (EHR) and seven out of 10 family physicians use an EHRs in their practice.

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