Elementary teachers seek $3.2B in demands, including wage increases: boards

Toronto – Ontario’s association of school boards says elementary teachers, who have refused to issue report cards as part of their work-to-rule campaign, have tabled $3.2 billion in “demands” during contract negotiations.

The Ontario Public School Boards Association says when contract negotiations began with the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario both sides signed ground rules preventing them from discussing bargaining details in public.

But in light of an ad campaign and statements in the media by the teachers’ union, the school boards are speaking out.

They say ETFO’s initial proposal includes a three-per-cent wage increase each year for three years plus a cost-of-living allowance.

Elementary teachers have been on an administrative strike since last month and have threatened to ramp it up for the next school year if no progress is made in bargaining over the summer.

ETFO did not immediately respond to the school boards’ characterization of their bargaining proposals, but it has previously called on the boards to withdraw their demands about class sizes, teacher preparation time, supervision, ability to exercise professional judgment and fair and equitable hiring practices.

The Canadian Press

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