B.C. premier congratulates Trump, says province will work toward lumber deal

Victoria – British Columbia’s premier has congratulated incoming American president Donald Trump, saying the United States is a close friend and partner of the province.

Christy Clark says British Columbia and the government of Canada will work diligently on issues such as free trade and a new softwood lumber agreement to ensure they protect and grow the relationship with the Unites States that is crucial to working families in the province.

The softwood agreement reached in 2006 expired more than a year ago and negotiations to renew it are continuing as B.C., one of the world’s largest exporters of softwood lumber, tries to promote its wood products globally.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, Clark said presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s run for the top office in the U.S. was an important signal to millions of girls and women around the world.

Clark said last month that women’s equality in politics was suffering because of the toxic presidential race.

She also condemned Trump during the U.S. election campaign for lewd remarks he was caught saying on video more than a decade ago about touching women without their consent.

The Canadian Press

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