Canadians asked how to help cultural industries deal with digital onslaught

Ottawa – Canadians are being asked how the federal government can best help the country’s cultural industries adapt to the digital world.

Consultations opened on Tuesday by Heritage Minister Melanie Joly ask for suggestions on ways Ottawa can help create, promote and deliver digital content, including local news, at a time when Canadians have foreign content at their fingertips.

There has been growing concern among cultural industry players that current government policies are stifling creation of content at a time when Canadian cultural products are being drowned out by the likes of Apple Music and Netflix.

Joly acknowledges rapidly changing technology is affecting how Canadians produce and consume cultural content.

But she says the new digital reality has produced both new challenges and new opportunities.

A discussion paper released to coincide with the consultations makes clear the government doesn’t want to place limits on foreign content, but aims to channel energies into supporting cultural industries.

The Canadian Press

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