EU to review lobsters from Canada and US as possible “invasive species”

Fredericton – An arm of the European Union says there’s enough scientific evidence to move forward with a review of Sweden’s request to declare the American lobster as an invasive species.

The opinion of the European Union’s Scientific Forum on Invasive Alien Species sets in motion a broader review of the proposal to ban American lobsters, but a spokeswoman for the European Commission stresses it is only a preliminary opinion.

Lobstermen in the U.S. and Canada stand to lose $200 million in business with EU countries if the ban becomes a reality, but they contend a ban is not supported by science.

Sweden set the wheels in motion when it announced it had found 32 American lobsters in the country’s waters earlier this year and that they pose a threat to native crustaceans.

The expanded review won’t be completed until the spring, at the earliest.

Christian Brun, executive-secretary of the Maritime Fishermen’s Union, says he’s concerned, but 85 per cent of the live lobster from his region go to the United States.

The Canadian Press

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