Manitoba premier says he’ll be in Costa Rica six to eight weeks a year

Winnipeg – Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister plans to spend six to eight weeks a year at his vacation home in Costa Rica.

In a year-end interview with The Canadian Press, Pallister says he works long hours while he’s in Manitoba and continues to get work done while in Costa Rica.

Pallister’s travels came under fire during the election campaign last spring.

A CBC investigation revealed Pallister had spent roughly one in five days travelling to or in Costa Rica since being elected Progressive Conservative leader in 2012.

A few weeks earlier, Pallister had told the Winnipeg Free Press that he hadn’t been in Costa Rica in early 2016 when in fact he had been.

Royce Koop, a political studies professor at the University of Manitoba, says Pallister and his staff seem to be more upfront now about his travels.

Koop says it’s a good communications strategy to head off controversy.

Pallister says he works 60 hours a week as premier during the 10 months a year he’s in Manitoba, so that’s like 15 months of work.

The Canadian Press

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