Shayan Zahrai, an Exemplary Iranian-Canadian Youth

Despite his physical limitations, Shayan has been able to attain an impressive level of academic success

Shayan Zahrai is an exemplary, hard-working and talented youth in the Iranian-Canadian community who was able to overcome his physical disability and graduate from the Political Science program at York University with honors. Furthermore, Shayan has also been accepted to McGill University’s law program, where he will continue his studies.

On Friday, July 14th, at a glorious ceremony that was held in Thornhill at the invitation of Shayan’s Mother, Ms. Parivash (Paula) Sartipi, a number of Shayan’s professors from the Glendon Campus of York University were present, alongside Dr. Reza Moridi, Ontario’s Minister of Research and Innovation, to congratulate Shayan Zahrai on his successes. In their separate speeches, each of the professors shared their fond memories of Shayan’s continuous efforts, his confidence and his high morale over the years. They also praised Parivash Sartipi for her role in Shayan’s success.

Dr. Reza Moridi, Ontario’s Minister of Research and Innovation, Scott Cawfield, professor of economics at York University (Glendon Campus), Dr. Usha Wiswanathan, professor of French Studies at York University and Dr. Radha Persaud, professor of political science at York University, were among the guests who had all come to celebrate and congratulate Shayan on his extraordinary success.

Tens of friends and relatives of Shayan and the Sartipi family were also present at the ceremony.

They talked about how Shayan, in spite of his physical disability, was able to graduate from the Political Science program at the bilingual Glendon Campus of York University with honors, as well as being successfully admitted to the law program at the highly credible McGill University, where he will continue his studies.

They described him as a role model for the youth who was able to overcome significant barriers through much effort and perseverance and achieve considerable academic victories.

Tens of Shayan’s friends and relatives along with a number of his York University professors were present at the July 14th event in Thornhill to celebrate him academic achievements.

A Mother’s Role
Shayan’s professors as well as his family and friends all emphasized the role of Ms. Parivash Sartipi – also one of the successful members of the Iranian-Canadian community – in Shayan’s success. They described how much they had witnessed Ms. Sartipi’s presence alongside Shayan and her encouragement as he faced various challenges.

Since birth, Shayan has suffered from a physical disability which has affected both of his legs in such a way that walking has been extremely difficult for him. In spite of this, with his mother’s excellent morale and his own will power and perseverance, Shayan disregarded the problem and doubled his efforts to overcome all of the obstacles.

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