A Profile on Homelessness in York Region

York Regional Council received an update on the results of the first province-wide count of homelessness and learned at least 389 people as experiencing homelessness in our Region.

During a four-day period in April 2018, York Region mobilized citizen volunteers, community organizations and staff to conduct a homeless count called I Count – I’m not just a number. Results from the count are intended to serve as a snapshot and reflect a minimum number of people who are experiencing homelessness in York Region.

The main reasons respondents indicate they are experiencing homelessness include,
• Family conflict (25%)
• Job loss (16%)
• Illness/condition or medical treatment (15%)
• Inability to pay rent or mortgage (14%)
• Addiction, substance use, mental health or domestic abuse (13%)

York Region is required by the Ontario government to count the number of people experiencing homelessness within the Region every 2 years. This was the first homeless count the Region has led. A previous homeless count was completed in 2016 by United Way Greater Toronto.

The Regional Municipality of York

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