Samsung Problems

The problems with Samsung’s explosion-prone Note 7 smartphones ranks among the largest product failures in recent memory. The company’s stock dropped more than seven…

Skill-Based Slot Machines

A New York company hopes to be the first in the world to install skill-based slot machines on casino floors. GameCo says it’s ready…

Professor Dina Katabi (center) explains how PhD student Fadel Adib’s (right) face is neutral but that EQ-Radio’s analysis of his heartbeat and breathing show that he is sad. (Photo: Jason Dorfman/MIT CSAIL)

Smartphone Emotions

What if your computer or smartphone could tell if you’re happy or sad? A new device developed by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of…


Volvo, Autoliv team up in autonomous driving

Chinese-owned Volvo Cars and Sweden-based automotive safety group Autoliv say they are creating a jointly-owned company to develop autonomous driving software for Volvo cars….